A strong team – the A3 e-tron and the CAETEC μCROS data logger

“The best of two worlds” – with this motto Audi welcomed the international automotive press to the Vienna presentation of their A3 e-tron. The event was designed to grant the invited guests a live experience of the plug-in hybrid’s merits – live in the truest sense of the word. Audi’s engineers addressed the challenge of presenting such a new, complex technology by creating not just a subjective impression, but an objective experience. To achieve this, Audi relied on CAETEC’s measurement technology expertise – by making our CAETEC μCROS data logger, the “little brother” of their modular ARCOS data logger, a vital component of the event.

At the A3 e-tron presentation, our measurement technology was entrusted with monitoring the general operating modes, sending measurements on via WLAN for subsequent processing with a data analysis tool. The wide range of collected data was then examined by the Audi engineering team – launching a round of stimulating technical discussion with the attending journalists.