AnalogBox 8: 10 kHz Analog Measurements with Ethernet Connection to ARCOS Logger

CAETEC presents the latest addition to its successful ComboBox series – the CAETEC AnalogBox 8, a fast  eight-channel analog module featuring channels that can be individually switched to counter operation.

The sampling rate for analog signals is 2 kHz in CAN operation, or 10 kHz via Ethernet. A wide range of digital filters can be parameterized to meet specific signal processing needs. For active sensors, the bipolar power supply provides voltages between 5 and 20 V, with a power of one watt per channel. When used in counter mode the inputs detect signals up to 30 kHz and are configurable to act as up/down counter as well.

The AnalogBox 8 can be operated together with modules from our QIC, CLIC and CLIC SL series on a CAN bus, or connected directly via Ethernet to an ARCOS data logger. Adopting the housing geometry of the ARCOS data logger, the measurement module forms a compact unit with the logger. For quick monitoring, the AnalogBox 8 offers continuous LED display indicating the status of each input signal.
The device dimensions are 185 mm x 35 mm x 140 mm.

Compared with single modules, our ComboBoxes come at an extremely low price per channel. Power consumption, and thus heat dissipation, is also very low.