ARCOS 4 channel video interface

The new video interface for our ARCOS data logger is designed to record up to four parallel video streams – as four single frames or four partial images per video stream, depending on the selected configuration. Like all the ARCOS data logger methods, the video recording is totally autonomous and can be freely triggered with either pre-time or post-time. The video data is recorded not only in time logs and bus traces but as MJPG.

The hardware is totally integrated within a slide-in module for the ARCOS logger.

As many as four analog cameras can be operated parallel. The length of the currently employed cameras is only 55 mm, with a diameter of 19 mm. With protection level IP 68, these cameras even stand up to exterior vehicle use. Because of their compact size, vehicle installation is easy, quick and unobtrusive. The live image, available via logger Web interface, facilitates adjustment of the camera settings. No tools are required, aside from a PC with Internet browser. The cameras get their supply voltage from the ARCOS interface. The power consumption per camera is only 65 mA.

Video Interface (USB frame)
Technical data

Dimensions                          184 x 27 x 144 mm (W x H x D)
Weight                                frame: 930 g
Power draw  (with 13.4V)          max. 0.6 A
Video channels                      4
Resolution                            720 x 576 (quad view: 1536 x 1152)
Maximum frame rate               30 / 25 fps (NTSC / PAL)
Temperature range                 -40°C - to +85°C


ARCOS_Video_IF_Kamera            ARCOS_Video_IF_Kamera2

Technical data

Dimensions                         diameter: 59 x 19 mm
Weight                              26 g
Cable length                       25 cm
Power draw (with 13.4 V)        65 mA
Voltage                              12 VDC
Lens                                  3.6 mm board lens
Resolution                          PAL 752 x 582, TVL  700
Lowest illuminance                0.2 lux
Chip                                  1/3” HAD Super CCD II  
Protection level                    IP 66
Temperature range                -30°C to +50°C