ARCOS data logger as XCP slave

Laptop + Ethernet connection + ARCOS = XCP slave

With this simple formula, the ARCOS data logger, as illustrated in the diagram, fulfills the task of an XCP slave. The ARCOS functions as a gateway, enabling access to all the measurement signals configured in the ARCOS, parallel to data logging.


If the laptop has an XCP-supporting application software on board, such as INCA or CANape, it acts as the XCP master. The ARCOS provides a basic A2L, thus allowing quick and easy connection setup. The description file for measured variables is dynamically generated on the ARCOS system at logger runtime. At runtime, the object structure is held in memory; for improved performance, logger configuration is parsed only when measurement starts.
The DAQ lists support time-stamp mode, meaning that time synchronization can be performed by the XCP master. The logger provides fully dynamic DAQ lists, with a variety of time grids.  To increase process reliability, the logger will detect CPU usage-related overload and stop a DAQ list, before data is lost during logging operation.
Flashing and calibrating ECUs via the data logger is not yet supported.