Automatic A2L version check for ARCOS and µCROS

Our automatic A2L version check (EPK check) is a new and currently unique software function for CAETEC data loggers.

Version recognition can be performed either statically or dynamically.

In static recognition, the logger independently compares the A2L version in the logger configuration with the software version in the ECU. If these two description files don’t match, a log file entry is automatically generated, or the protocol service is stopped to avoid invalid data with a log file entry. User-defined trigger signals can also be applied. A particular signal, for example, might trigger an e-mail to the person in charge of the project.

Dynamic recognition similarly involves comparing the A2L versions.  
The logger configuration can define several A2L files in so-called include files. When it has established connection with the ECU, the logger checks whether its library contains the corresponding description file; if one is available, it is automatically selected. This ensures that the data recorded by CCP / XCP protocol services is 100% correct.
When a flash operation alters an EPK address in the ECU,  this is also automatically recognized by the logger and treated accordingly.

If the description file isn’t available at the time of configuration, it can also be provided later as an include file on a pertinent server. When the next connection is established for data transfer, the logger independently downloads the new description file.

Now available, this unique functionality enables our users to perform reliable, efficient measurements with CCP / XCP protocol services, even for large vehicle fleets. The advantage is particularly great when the A2L versions vary within a fleet and across firmware updates in the vehicles / ECUs, and dispenses without extensive coordination between ECU application engineers and measuring engineers.