µCROS – added functionality through our modular extension

By popular demand, we now offer an extension module for the µCROS as well: the CAETEC µCROS Extension. Our customers can now tailor µCROS, just like its big brother ARCOS, to meet their specific needs.

Two versions are currently available, featuring either 4 additional CAN channels or one extra FlexRay channel.

This solution provides ARCOS functionality in the most limited spaces and toughest environments. The µCROS plus Extension fits into glove compartments, while its watertight construction also makes it well-suited for outdoor operation. The µCROS Extension is easily connected to the µCROS data logger, by means of a connection cable fitted with robust motor-sport connectors. The modules are configured in the usual fashion, using the CAETEC Web interface and the Phönix configuration tool.