New release system for CAETEC dataLog firmware

To provide our customers improved and even faster access to new functions and bug fixes, CAETEC has designed a new release system, to be applied from dataLog firmware version 2015.x. According to this system, three release versions of each dataLog firmware will be produced annually.

The new system divides our firmware development into three phases, with a defined milestone ending each phase. The development phase – in which new functions are developed and implemented – ends with a feature freeze (FF). The firmware then enters the release-candidate phase (RC). In this phase, the firmware is tested extensively, and bugs are fixed, but no new functions are added. As soon as the firmware is found to be bug-free, it is officially released. This firmware release marks the beginning of the service-release phase. Subsequently, there are monthly service releases (SR), designed to further improve the quality of our firmware. New functions are reserved for the next (feature) release. Thus, our users can choose the best time to switch to the next release.

Release versions xxxx.02 and xxxx.06 (see illustration) receive service releases, until the release of the following year’s firmware version. For Version xxxx.10, the release of the follow-up firmware marks the beginning of two-year long-term support. This ensures that the newest functions are readily available to our customers, with the greatest possible testing depth. You, our customer, are free to decide when you choose to switch to a new firmware version with added functions.   

To provide maximum transparency with regard to firmware status, we are also altering the nomenclature of our firmware versions. In the future, the version name shall consist of: the Release Year, followed by the Month of Feature Freeze, and the Service Release version of the particular firmware. 2016.02.0, for example, refers to the firmware version including all functions up to February 2016, Service release 0 (original release).

CAETEC dataLog Firmware new release system