Switching transmission rate now also supported by the CLIC module series

From Firmware Version 4.6.2, the transmission rate of our CLIC Analog modules can also be switched during Measurement. Switching is performed via CAN telegram sent to the modules from a measurement computer or data logger.

Switching to another sampling rate can occur at any time. This application is very useful, especially in long-term measurements when, due to measurement file-size constraints,  measurement is carried out at very low sampling frequencies - yet the transient start-up voltages of specific ecus require careful examination. In these cases, the module, with the proper configuration, can measure within the configurable interval at a channel sampling rate of, let’s say, 1000 Hz; then, after the configured time span, it can automatically return to a low sampling rate of. let’s say, 1Hz. Across the range of CAETEC modules, each channel is galvanically isolated by means of an individual analog-to-digital converter, meaning  of course that this function can be set for specific channels.