ThermoBox 32: Brand new member of ComboBox series

The new CAETEC ThermoBox 32 expands the successful CAETEC ComboBox series.

32 Rossel panel jacks allow NiCr-Ni thermocouple single plug input. The connection to a data logger can either be done by a CAN bus wiring or by the internal ARCOS Ethernet backplane connector. The ThermoBox 32 allows the CAN bus architecture to supply modules of the QIC-, CLIC- or CLIC SL series at the same time.

The housing design is equal to the ARCOS housing. That's why the ARCOS data logger and the ComboBox build a matching unit, which does not need any connecting cables.For a sufficient and fast status over view the ThermoBox 32 carries LEDs for every input channel.

In competition to the single modules, the boxes offer the advantage of lower costs per channel and a reduced power consumption resulting in less heat production.

The overall sizes are 185 mm x 55 mm x 140 mm only.