ARCOS Data Logger - A Vision Becomes Reality

Our innovative ARCOS data logger system opens up new opportunities for the future. The multi-talented ARCOS combines the advantages of low-power, rapid-starting microprocessor systems with the high performance of an X86 platform. Providing maximum computing power, along with minimum quiescent current (typically only 0.6 mA), the ARCOS is a technological trailblazer. Its modular system allows ARCOS to literally grow to fit your requirements.

µCROS Data Logger

µCROS Datenlogger / µCROS Data Logger

The data logger for users requiring more than just a collection of data. Intelligent logging with CCP / XCP, plus data acquisition in standardized target formats – all from a compact-sized logger offering surprisingly high performance for demanding applications, and featuring a variety of communication options.

Communication is via WLAN, UMTS, Ethernet Web interface or USB. Physical data acquisition is performed using the external CAN bus data-acquisition modules from our CLIC series.

The μCROS logger is optimized for fleet trials in cars and trucks, as well as for agricultural or construction machinery, and motorcycles.

CLIC Measurement Device

Zusammengesteckte CLIC-Messmodule / CLIC Measurement Devices

Fast module-to-logger Ethernet communication now enables the recording and display of module-specific data from dynamic measurements. It is possible to switch back and forth between CAN bus and Ethernet operation within a single module. The click-in module connectors are integrated, cable-free, for a significant reduction of cable damage and material costs. This snug-fitting connection between modules can be coupled and released with one hand, no tools required.
Each of the analog channels can be used as a counter channel (up to 30 kHz), can be individually switched via software to create counter channels (up to 30 kHz).

CLIC SL Measurement Device

For operation in cramped spaces or at high ambient temperatures, our CLIC SL is the perfect choice. These modules are specifically designed for distributed measurement applications with limited installation space and reduced power consumption. Two different models are available, for maximum ambient temperatures of either 85° C or 125° C.
Each of the CLIC analog channels can be used as a counter channel (up to 30 kHz), switchable via software.



The various space and power-saving ComboBox variants are ideal for users who need to centrally collect data from numerous measuring points and then transfer it via CAN or Ethernet to a logger.

QIC Measurement Device

QIC Messmodul / QIC Measurement device

The QIC modules were the first concept for decentralized recording of physical measurements in vehicles. The installation of the measuring modules in the proximity of the sensors substantially reduced wiring requirements and hence vehicle set-up time. Integration within a network via CAN bus ensures interference-free transmission of all data processed  in the QIC module.


To a fault-free operation of the data logger and modules include extensive range of accessories and consumables that we deliver in a known and tested quality - even after the end of production of the main component.

The list of types of cables includes several hundred part numbers which we determine for you gladly. Simply let us know your requirement.