ARCOS_1.5_dL_110582 Fact-sheet.pdf

ARCOS 1.5 V variant dL
PN: 110582

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ARCOS_ADIO_IF_101641 Fact-sheet.pdf

Eight channel analogue + digital I/O Interface to 4x Lemo 2B connector
PN: 101641

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ARCOS_CAN_IF_2Ch_100190 Fact-sheet.pdf

Two channel CAN-Interface to 2x D-Sub connector (galvanically isolated)
PN: 100190

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ARCOS_CAN_IF_4Ch_100297 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel CAN-Interface to 4x D-Sub connector (galvanically isolated)
PN: 100297

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ARCOS_CAN_IF_PM_101369 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel CAN- Powermanagement- Interface
PN: 101369

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ARCOS_CAN_IF_V2.1_101464 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel CAN-Interface to 4x Lemo 0B connector
PN: 101464

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ARCOS_CAN_IF_V2.3_102896 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel CAN-Interface to 2x D-Sub connector
PN: 102896

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16 channel CAN, 8 channel LIN, 2 channel FlexRay, 2 Digital IN / Out
PN: 110444

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ARCOS_Combobox_1_101240 Fact-sheet.pdf

Eight channel CAN, 2 channel FlexRay, 8 analogue input, 8 digital input und 8 digital output
PN: 101240

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ARCOS_FlexRay_IF_V2.2_102417 Fact-sheet.pdf

Two channel FlexRay-Interface to D-Sub connector
PN: 102417

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ARCOS_FlexRay_IF_V2_101758 Fact-sheet.pdf

Two channel FlexRay-Interface to Lemo 0B connector PN: 101785

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ARCOS_LIN_IF_2Ch_100764 Fact-sheet.pdf

Two channel LIN-Interface to D-Sub connector. PN: 100764

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ARCOS_LIN_IF_V2.1_101706 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel LIN-Interface to 4x Lemo 0B connector PN: 101706

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ARCOS_LIN_IF_V2.2_102292 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel LIN-Interface to 4x Lemo 0B connector. PN: 102292

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ARCOS_MOST150_IF_102806 Fact-sheet.pdf

MOST150-compatible Interface. PN: 101854

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ARCOS_MOST25_IF_101854 Fact-sheet.pdf

MOST25-compatible Interface. PN: 101854

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ARCOS_Video_IF_103180 Fact-sheet.pdf

Four channel video interface with 4x Lemo 0B connector PN: 103180

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ARCOS_VN1680_V1.3_111968 Fact-sheet.pdf

Vector four channel Interface
PN: 111968

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ARCOS-Datenlogger: Modularität ohne Grenzen
ARCOS-Datenlogger / ARCOS Data Logger

ARCOS Data Logger - A Vision Becomes Reality

Our innovative ARCOS data logger system opens up new opportunities for the future. The multi-talented ARCOS combines the advantages of low-power, rapid-starting microprocessor systems with the high performance of an X86 platform. Providing maximum computing power, along with minimum quiescent current (typically only 0.6 mA), the ARCOS is a technological trailblazer. Its modular system allows ARCOS to literally grow to fit your requirements.

Its modularity makes the ARCOS system virtually unlimited. The ARCOS has sufficient performance to easily handle even its very large number of bus interfaces.
Thanks to our modular "easyConnect" concept, the user can personally slide into the respective expansion chassis units any number of required bus interface modules, such as LIN, CAN, FlexRay, MOST or Ethernet; or any required communication modules, such as WLAN, GPRS, UMTS, or USB – according to specific application requirements, and with no tools needed. In addition to the interface modules for connecting vehicle bus systems, we also offer modules for recording analog and digital signals.
The configuration of the front panels of the base unit and the interface modules can be customized. ARCOS features a USB port – for data transfer, for manual import of configurations, or for the transmission of measurement data.
The ARCOS display connector includes the data lines, as well as the power lines to the display. An essential element of the ARCOS display and operation concept is the display connection via Ethernet, to enable the operation of any number of displays and operating controls, parallel via a singleok? interface. The combination of Ethernet interface and Web interface enables  direct connection to a computer with a Web browser.
Fast read and write accesses to the internal and / or external storage media are supported by the CF card slot with Ultra-DMA and SATA interface.

Our design includes the latest standards, such as ATFX and mdf4 data formats, providing time logs; as well as full trace logs, online bus analysis, classing methods, and a separate, optional script engine – thus ensuring that the software is future-proof and suited to the high demands of automotive operation.


  • Temperature range - 40 ° C to + 85 °
  • Power supply 6 - 50 V DC
  • Power consumption (depending on configuration) 12 W typ
  • Typically 600 uA quiescent current
  • Wake-On-CAN quiescent current (PCH) 2.5 mA
  • No Message Lost quiescent current (PCH) 50 mA
  • Base dimensions (W x H x D) 184 mm x 42 mm x 144 mm
  • Expansion frame dimensions (W x H x D) 184 mm x 27 mm x 144 mm
  • Weight (typ.12Ch) 3700 g