QIC Messmodul / QIC Measurement device
Neue Anforderungen an Messmodule

QIC Measurement Device

QIC Messmodul / QIC Measurement device

The QIC modules were the first concept for decentralized recording of physical measurements in vehicles. The installation of the measuring modules in the proximity of the sensors substantially reduced wiring requirements and hence vehicle set-up time. Integration within a network via CAN bus ensures interference-free transmission of all data processed  in the QIC module.

The QIC line includes a variety of module types: analog, strain guage and thermocouple signal, with a variety of connector configurations. This series is compatible with the next CLIC series generation.

With their rugged, waterproof design and extended operating temperature range, QIC modules are made to stand up to engine compartment conditions. Each channel is fully galvanically isolated from the others. Furthermore, all QIC modules can be directly connected to data loggers and notebook computers.

The provided CCP-based configuration software CCPKonfig is very clear and easy to understand. QIC configuration is performed exclusively via the CAN bus. QIC modules are self-starting, and at Power On, they use their last selected configuration.


  • Temperature range (normal) - 40 ° C to + 85 ° C
  • Tempertature range HT - 40 ° C to + 120 °
  • Power supply 7 - 50 V DC
  • Power* 3 W
  • Dimensions* (W x H x D) 120 mm x 43 mm x 70 mm
  • Weight* 460 g

*These figures refer to the thermocouple 16 module.

QIC modules on request.