µCROS Datenlogger / µCROS Data Logger

µCROS Data Logger

µCROS Datenlogger / µCROS Data Logger

The data logger for users requiring more than just a collection of data. Intelligent logging with CCP / XCP, plus data acquisition in standardized target formats – all from a compact-sized logger offering surprisingly high performance for demanding applications, and featuring a variety of communication options.

Communication is via WLAN, UMTS, Ethernet Web interface or USB. Physical data acquisition is performed using the external CAN bus data-acquisition modules from our CLIC series.

The μCROS logger is optimized for fleet trials in cars and trucks, as well as for agricultural or construction machinery, and motorcycles.

With its rugged motor-sport connectors and waterproof case, the μCROS  ensures reliable operation, even under tough conditions. The μCROS is passively cooled and uses only non-rotating storage media.

The μCROS is based on an x86 processor platform, connected via internal Ethernet to an integrated 2 or 4-channel CAN interface. The platform is also equipped with two slots for plugging in any combination of GPS, Wi-Fi or UMTS modules.

The provided USB port not only facilitates data transfer to USB storage devices, but is also useful for importing configurations and transmitting data.

The μCROS display connector includes the data lines, as well as the power lines to the display.
The connection is designed as an Ethernet port connecting the μCROS with a PC, either via direct data connection or through the Web interface.

The power supply jack comprises not only the pins for positive and ground, but also a Terminal 15, for switch input. A voltage level above 3 V at this pin starts the logger. This start capability is an additional option to starting via bus messages (such as "Wake on CAN", or WoC).

The Linux-based logger operation software is included with the logger, along with the configuration software Phönix. The extended, free, C-like scripting engine is available as an additional option.

When configured as an active node, the logger can send messages configured, for example, to trigger controllers by means of CCP or XCP.

The logger stores data in such standardized formats as ASCII / Vector-ASCII, .blf, ATFX or MDF4. In addition to the data, the files required for calculation and the configuration file are always stored in the logger. This enables the presentation of real values, names and units on the display or Web interface.


  • Temperature range - 20 ° C to + 75° Power supply 6 - 36 V DC
  • Power consumption (including 2 options) 5W typical
  • Quiescent current typically 100 uA
  • Wake-On-CAN 2.0 mA quiescent current
  • No Message Lost quiescent current 50 mA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 132 mm x 36 mm x 108 Weight 680 g