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ARCOS Data Logger - A Vision Becomes Reality

Our innovative ARCOS data logger system opens up new opportunities for the future. The multi-talented ARCOS combines the advantages of low-power, rapid-starting microprocessor systems with the high performance of an X86 platform. Providing maximum computing power, along with minimum quiescent current (typically only 0.6 mA), the ARCOS is a technological trailblazer. Its modular system allows ARCOS to literally grow to fit your requirements.

ARCOS 4 channel video interface

The new video interface for our ARCOS data logger is designed to record up to four parallel video streams – as four single frames or four partial images per video stream, depending on the selected configuration. Like all the ARCOS data logger methods, the video recording is totally autonomous and can be freely triggered with either pre-time or post-time. The video data is recorded not only in time logs and bus traces but as MJPG.

The ARCOS data logger and XCP on Ethernet measurement tasks

Setting up our ARCOS data logger within a measurement chain integrating Vector hardware (see illustration below) enables the use of XCP on an Ethernet protocoll to perform measurement tasks and record data from an electronic control unit via Plug-on Device (POD).


CAETEC has adapted ARCOS and its interface modules to meet the new demands of mobile measurement technology.

ARCOS data logger as XCP slave

Laptop + Ethernet connection + ARCOS = XCP slave

With this simple formula, the ARCOS data logger, as illustrated in the diagram, fulfills the task of an XCP slave.

ARCOS 1.5 sets new standards

Our newest basic unit, the ARCOS 1.5, just got even better: more compact and efficient, with higher performance.