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Nanos Data Logger

A full-trace data logger with Bluetooth remote control for users demanding top-quality hardware and ease of use.

Our NANOS CAN logger is specially designed for full-trace recording methods with filter and trigger options, for applications requiring data recording to an SD card, in cramped (concealed) installation spaces.

To maximize user-friendliness and operational reliability, we have included such features as laptop Bluetooth remote control of such functions as Start and Stop, for Create new data file or Status information retrieval; as well as SD card changing during measurement without loss of data.

µCROS Data Logger

The data logger for users requiring more than just a collection of data. Intelligent logging with CCP / XCP, plus data acquisition in standardized target formats – all from a compact-sized logger offering surprisingly high performance for demanding applications, and featuring a variety of communication options.

Communication is via WLAN, UMTS, Ethernet Web interface or USB. Physical data acquisition is performed using the external CAN bus data-acquisition modules from our CLIC series.

The μCROS logger is optimized for fleet trials in cars and trucks, as well as for agricultural or construction machinery, and motorcycles.

ARCOS Data Logger - A Vision Becomes Reality

Our innovative ARCOS data logger system opens up new opportunities for the future. The multi-talented ARCOS combines the advantages of low-power, rapid-starting microprocessor systems with the high performance of an X86 platform. Providing maximum computing power, along with minimum quiescent current (typically only 0.6 mA), the ARCOS is a technological trailblazer. Its modular system allows ARCOS to literally grow to fit your requirements.

µCROS – added functionality through our modular extension

By popular demand, we now offer an extension module for the µCROS as well: the CAETEC µCROS Extension. Our customers can now tailor µCROS, just like its big brother ARCOS, to meet their specific needs.

Automatic A2L version check for ARCOS and µCROS

Our automatic A2L version check (EPK check) is a new and currently unique software function for CAETEC data loggers.